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The Story of The Peculiar Skies


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I went babysitting yesterday, and when the kids were in bed I got kind of bored. So when I walked out on their balcony and noticed how beautiful the sky looked, I decided to write a poem/short story about it. Enjoy!

The Story of The Peculiar Skies

The sky is changing at the time I start my observations. With purple, heavy, dense clouds to my right, and pink, weightless, wispy ones to my left. The Sun setting beneath it all. The light and the dark against the candy colours of a 20:52 summer time evening. I look up again, and as I look up, I see that a new cloud has appeared. A red line, but not a lipstick, pimple or spelling check red. More like the badly mixed watercolours of a six-year old. A sickly pink actually. The colour also reminds me of a childhood experiment, milk and strawberry syrup, my goal was to recreate Fristi. It was disgusting. As time passes by I see Aquamarine, Teal, Turquoise, Sea, Tropical Island, Food Colouring, or maybe just Blue. The sky stretches on in its colour for seemingly forever. In a gradient where the lighter shades lean towards the ever changing clouds, and the deepest darkest inky blue rules above my head. Subject to stretch. Now the cold and the dark of the night takes over, the sun touches the sky for the last time, and the edges flare gold. The age of the dreams, and the hope, and the parties, and the thoughts set in. I finish this description, my face illuminated by the cold hard blue of a computer screen.stars

I am pretty happy with how it turned out, considering I have never done this before. If you are a experienced writer yourself or have some tips for me, please leave them in the comments. I would really appreciate it!


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