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Hello bookworms,

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a pretty amazing blog, and it turned out they were hosting a contest: Who can create the best fanart? Everybody who entered will receive  a button, and yeah, I really need a button. I actually wanted to post this after the winners are announced, but I needed something to fill up the hole between a few scheduled posts, so here you go! (STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T PICKED UP THE BOOK YET, MY FANFIC CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I have retold the first part of chapter 32 from Bram’s POV (chapter 32 is the chapter where Simon discovers who Blue is, and meets him).

And I mean, spark wouldn’t to be the right word, it’s more like ten thousand fireworks lighting up the moon grey sky at once.

I am sitting in my room, eating Reese’s Pieces, frantically trying not to check my email. When I do, however, and see one unread message, my heart skips a beat. Not to mention the explosion that happens when I read it.

FROM: hourtohour.notetonote@gmail.com

TO bluegreen118@gmail.com

DATE: Jan 25 at 9:27 AM


Our email exchange has kind of grinded to a halt the past few weeks, but now he suddenly says he likes me. Simon likes me.

He also said he wants to meet me at the carnival, but unlike the usual fear that washes over me when he says this, I feel perfectly and utterly calm,

next to all the excitement of Simon liking me, that is.

I spend a few moments staring at my computer screen grinning as if someone just told me I have won an unlimited life-time supply of Oreos, when a realization hits me.

The Carnival closes at nine. Almost too afraid to look I peek at my red alarm clock, 7:59. Crap.

I have fifty minutes to meet him, an hour at the most. That means an hour of anonymity, an hour before Simon knows who I am, but still I feel no fear. I start rushing to my car, I am always early, but now I have no time for that.


I shuffle and shove and pull and push, slowly choking in the big, hot, crowd. I am at the carnival searching for Simon, and I am scared he has gone home.

This is when the clock hits 8:27 and I see him.

And I mean, spark wouldn’t to be the right word, it’s more like ten thousand fireworks lighting up the moon grey sky at once.

He is standing on the metal platform leading to the Tilt-A-Whirl. I start to run, and the unbreakable barrier of people turns into water.

When I reach the Tilt-A-Whirl I don’t even need to push down the memory of deep-fried Oreos, Simon is taking up all the space already, anyway.


He is sitting in a pink and orange pod, leaning back against a plastic seat with his eyes closed. His mouth is pulled in a perfectly straight horizontal line.

I start to walk and I keep on walking, trying to outrace the nerves, shake them of and leave them in the past.

I slide in next to him. Simon. ‘Can I sit here?’ I ask, his eyes snap open.

He loosens his seatbelt and lets me in whilst he smiles at me. ‘I like your shirt’ I say, the nerves making my voice quiver.

‘Thanks’ he says. ‘It’s Elliot Smith.’ The operator reaches over us and pulls the guardrail down, locking us in. ‘I know’ I say.

Simon turns to me, slowly, and there is something in his eyes, and I don’t mean his contacts. He is still wearing his lenses and I spot a smudge of brown eyeliner on his left lid.

Simon is looking at me, questioningly searching, when he sees me.

There’s this pause. ‘It’s you’ he says. ‘I know I am late’ I say.

Then there’s this grinding noise and a jolt and a swell of music. Someone shrieks and then laughs, and the ride spins to life.


This was my first time attempting to write fanfiction, and it is actually pretty hard (if you would try to match the voice of a writer, it’s harder still).

Bye, Sophie

Have you read Simon vs.? And did you enjoy it?

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