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Hello bookworms,

Can you imagine professor Umbridge dating Harry Potter? Or Peeta Mellark hooking up with Viola. Neither can I, today I am going to play the Rip It or Ship It Booktag.

So, you let’s say you have never heard of the Rip It/Ship It Booktag (you probably have, I am a little late with this one), it is basically a tag where you have to pick two names of characters from a jar at random, and then decide if you want to ship it (romantically, but you can also ship them as friends) or rip it (meaning these people don’t fit together, and you don’t want the two to get in a relationship). I decided to go with rather famous characters (basically everyone from harry potter), so most people know who I am talking about and can rip/ship the couple themselves too. Let’s begin!
Round one

Dumbledore (Harry Potter) * Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles)

NO, just no, as friends they would be fine. But pairing a teenage girl with a gay wizard, I don’t think it would work…

Round two

Katniss (the Hunger Games) * Marty (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)

When I read Marty’s name I jelled the word: ‘OOOHHH’ like a football hooligan. This match is very surprising, and I did need to think quite a while before forming an opinion. But I’ll have to rip this, because Katniss is a brave and not very forgiving person whilst Marty is a goofy asshole, and I don’t think Katniss would still like him after what he did to Simon, hell, she’d probably kick his ass.

Round three

Shazi (the Wrath and the Dawn) * Umbridge (Harry Potter)

I am going to rip this like a little kid rips away wrapping paper on December the 25th . Some people say opposites attract, but I think everybody agrees that doesn’t count for this pair (although I wouldn’t ship Umbridge with anyone, really).

Round four

Simon (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda) * Jude (I’ll Give You the Sun)

Simon would absolutely hate middle-school Jude, I am sure she is even one of the people he and Blue made fun of in their emails. But now they are both older and have changed a little I think they could be friends, it isn’t a really logical ship, but I am going to go with it anyway.

Round five

Harry Potter (…) * Margot (Paper Towns)

This one is pretty interesting. I think it would go along fine at first, but when Margot starts trying to pull of one pretentious move after another, Harry will get irritated with her and start dating someone else instead.

Round six

Manchee (the Chaos Walking series) * Augustus (the Fault in our Stars)

I think this (friend)ship will work out very well. Augustus can share his deep and philosophical thoughts with Manchee, whilst he fetches a stick (Manchee is a dog, by the way, I thought it was worth to mention).

Round seven

Me * Hermione (Harry Potter)

Okay, so I know I am technically not a literary character, (even though I do like to pretend I am) but I really wanted to put my own name in the jar as well, also I got paired with Hermione (the coolest nerd in the history of books). This ship has sailed.

This was my take on the Rip It or Ship It Booktag! I really enjoyed playing this game, it kind of tests how well you now the characters (and how well the author developed them). I am not going to tag anyone, because I kind of figure everybody has already done this challenge (but feel free to do it if haven’t, it is loads of fun). Tomorrow I am going to post a book review on How To Repair a Mechanical Heart, so keep your eyes open for that.

Bye, Sophie

P.S Do you guys like the header? I ended up on the weirdest stock photo sites whilst searching for: ‘ripped piece paper’.

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