Book review: Ready Player One


BAMMMM!! instantly alert by the humongous ear-deafening crash, I look up, and the first thing I see is RED. Red on the walls, red on the celling, red on the bed, and red on the book in my hand I just read. My head is jumping, racing, walloping, all together swallowing (not literally) me in the craziness it is now trying to hold. Slowly, slowly, I move my hand up. Up to my shoulder, neck, ear, hair. When I pull back, it is covered in warm, sticky blood. Before I lose it, I look down one more time to the book on my lap that just blew my mind.

P.s Dear Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I love you very dearly, and please know I don’t hold any grudge in the slightest for you blowing up my mind in to a gazillion tiny pieces.

Hello, Bookworms

Today I am going to review a very special book, as you may or may not just have read. After a few weeks of letting the story sink in and duct taping my mind back together, my opinion remains the same, Ready Player One is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It is right up with The Knife of Never Letting Go,  Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda and even Harry Potter *gasp*. Keep reading if you want to know why, (haha lol, just joking, this is going to be a huge heap of fangirling mess. )


Let’s start with my favorite aspect about this book THE WORLDBUILDING! This book sets place in two worlds, the ‘real world’, the one where you and me live, only set in 2044 (and slightly more shitty). And ‘The Oasis’,  a computer generated dream world  a huge videogame, database, chatroom, e-reader, school, workspace, and simulation, in one. Basically it’s the entire world and (from a readers perspective) amazing. You can log into the Oasis using your haptic gloves and visor, so it is a kind of virtual reality, I can’t describe it any better than this (tip: read the book to know more). The detail put in to The Oasis is mind-blowing (see above), it is at the level of Harry Potter, and also the reason why I adore both the books so much. But no worries, even though you do not get to see much of the ‘real world’, it feels very alive and 3-D too. And because it is set in 2044 you can recognize issues and stuff that play in the world today whilst it’s still new.

(This is the point where I realized this book review was going to be huge, so if you don’t to keep reading (but please do), you can scroll to the end where I convince you to read this book.)

There were only two things I found a little less about the book and those are both the romance aspects and all the pop culture references to the eighties. Both the Romance plots were relatively small and slightly cheesy, and not so fleshed out as the rest of the book. And don’t get me wrong, I love pop culture, and I have nothing against the eighties. but the thing is that I wasn’t around back then so I didn’t get all the, rather frequent, references.

This is the point where I could go on (and on and on and on) about the amazeballzz characters and their relations, the thoughtful paragraphs about how important your appearance actually is, the perfect pacing, the suspense and plot without being too ‘plotty’ (if you get what I mean), the overall funniness, and the best ‘last battle’ EVER. But this book review already is huge, and to avoid it being even bigger, I am going to stop (but if you’d like to read it I’d be happy to post a second, more detailed review). I am going to give this book 5 stars (duh),  buy this book and read it (and if you haven’t got the money rob a bank). It is worth it, believe me, I am saying this after scrubbing pieces of my own brain and blood from the walls.

Bye, Sophie

P.s Do you like my new style of reviewing books? Let me know in the comments!

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    Fantastic Post! I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reading the book itself. I guess you are excited about the upcoming virtual reality revolution.

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