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Salvete, bookworms

Today I am in the mood for some quotes, and since I haven’t had much time to read this week due to school stress, I decided to fill the void with some of my favorite scentences. I am a huge collector of quotes without having an actual collection, so when I find one I usually scribble it down on a scrap of paper which then gets eaten by the same creature who devours my socks. All these quotes are from books I have read (obviously). Now it is time to sit back, relax, and let all the beautiful words roll over you like a giant wave (but pinch your nose and close your eyes because salty water hurts, ladies and gentlemen).

The quotes:

‘We are the choices we make.’ ~The Knife of Never Letting Go

‘As with most life problems, this one can be solved with a box of pure radiation.’ ~ The Martian

‘Maybe some people are meant to be in the same story.’ ~ I’ll Give You The Sun

‘The only thing we have to do in life is die, the rest is a choice.’ ~ The Age of Miracles

‘Draco dormiens numquam titillandus.’ ~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

‘Not everyone has to be the chosen one.’ ~ The Rest Of Just Live Here

‘Never ignore a possible.’ ~ Rooftoppers

‘We should not accept an evil we can change’ ~ I Capture the CastlePotter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

‘It kills me sometimes, how people die.’ ~ The Book Thief

‘It must be a special book. All books are special, dear.’ ~ The Wrath and The Dawn

‘There is this pause, Were still looking at each other. And there is this feeling in my stomach like a coil pulled taut. ‘It’s you’ I say.’ ~ Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda

‘But I have noticed that when things happen in one’s imaginings, they never happen in one’s life.’ ~I Capture the Castle


Please let me know if you enjoyed this type of post and if I should do more!

Bye, Sophie

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