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Another Book Haul (and update!)

Hello, bookworms I have loads of exams this weeks, and the stress sometimes causes me to do some stupid stuff, like not updating my blog for SEVEN days, or buying loads of books. I love doing the latter, and usually I have enough self-control…

Other Bookish Stuff

The Creatures of the Night: booktag

Hello, bookworms I know, I know, I have been doing A LOT of tags, but they are so much fun and this one in particular I couldn’t resist. I found it over at Beatrice’s blog, and it is called ‘the Creatures of the Night…


Book Review: Seed

Hello, bookworms Today I am going to post a book review on Seed by Lisa Heathfield. I am very excited to write this because I have quite a lot of things to say regarding the book, and I haven’t written a review in a…

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Bookish Dinosaur Art

Hello, bookworms I decided to make a drawing, and this is the final result! It’s a dinosaur morphing out of a book, and the writing on the page is a quote from the book ‘I Capture the Castle’. The quote is: ‘But I have…

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The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hello bookworms, Today I am going to share seven facts about me with you, since I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award (yay)! I was nominated by Michelle over at www.mytokyoblues.wordpress.com (go check out her blog, I discovered it a few days ago…

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What’s Better then 99 followers?

Hello, bookworms As of today, there officially are a 100 bookworms wriggling around on my blog! THANK YOU!! This is the part where I am supposed to say I never imagined this ever happening, which is true. When I started my blog nearly two…

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Simon vs. Fanfiction

Hello bookworms, A few weeks ago I stumbled across a pretty amazing blog, and it turned out they were hosting a contest: Who can create the best fanart? Everybody who entered will receive  a button, and yeah, I really need a button. I actually…

Other Bookish Stuff

A mini bookhaul

Hello, bookworms I was very bored this Sunday afternoon, I have written three blog posts, created fanfiction, attempted to paint, and even recorded a message to my future self. It is one of those weekends where there is nothing to do, the weather is…

Other Bookish Stuff

Rip it or Ship it booktag

Hello bookworms, Can you imagine professor Umbridge dating Harry Potter? Or Peeta Mellark hooking up with Viola. Neither can I, today I am going to play the Rip It or Ship It Booktag. So, you let’s say you have never heard of the Rip…